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For students across the United States, standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and AP exams can be incredibly high-stakes and stressful. Unfortunately, audible countdown timers are barred from use, preventing test-takers from easily pacing themselves through each section. Silent StopWatch is the innovative solution.

Imagine you’re taking the first section of the SAT. You have a timer on your wrist counting down from 65 minutes, allowing you to pace yourself and stay on track as you make your way through the questions. You didn’t have to worry about getting a seat in the test room with a barely visible view of the wall clock, or even worse, a room with no clock at all. Here’s the problem: finding the watch in the first place.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find countdown watches that are suitable for use during high stakes standardized testing. Most conventional digital watches have audible beeping noises, prohibited due to their potential to distract other test takers, and the small number of testing specific timers are often expensive and difficult to use. 

The Silent StopWatch was developed as an easy-to-use, high quality, cost-effective alternative for students seeking to improve their standardized test scores by more easily monitoring their progress.

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The Silent StopWatch will be shipped first class via the United States Postal Service for free anywhere in the United States. If you need to receive your watch more quickly, we also offer a flat rate cost option that includes 2-day or overnight shipping to the lower 48 states.

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High-Quality Casio Digital Watch

The Silent StopWatch is a precision modified version of an easy-to-use digital Casio™ watch. Simply enter the number of minutes available and press start, and a glance at the watch will indicate the time remaining.

Inexpensive and Adaptable

Unlike other watches designed for test taking, our watches are simple, inexpensive, and can be adapted for use on any standardized test. You can purchase a watch for only $39.99 USD, including free shipping.

Use on SAT, ACT, PSAT . . .

Most standardized tests prohibit both digital watches with audible sounds and stand alone timers, but the Silent StopWatch's digital countdown timer meets all testing requirements.

Stress-Free Test Pacing

Our watches are modified to eliminate audible sounds. When taking standardized tests, you can quickly set the countdown timer to match the length of the section, allowing you to pace yourself easily.

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We work with standardized test prep organizations to provide a larger number of watches at a lower cost. If you represent a test prep company and are looking to buy our products in bulk, visit the link below to find out more.

About US

We seek to make standardized tests less stressful.

Silent StopWatch was founded by a group of people who realized just how incredibly stressful standardized tests can be, especially because exam scores are often key components of college applications. We came up with a product that mitigates test anxiety in a simple way, and we wanted to make it widely accessible to students.

Our watches are not a “magic key” to ensure you success on the SAT and other tests, no questions asked. That can only be achieved through practice and hard work—but the way to make sure your score is the best reflection of the hours of preparation you put in is to make sure you actually get to attempt all the questions you could potentially solve. Our watches keep students on track, preventing them from running out of time and helping them allocate the correct amount of time to each question.

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