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We modify each watch to eliminate any audible beeping noises, creating an easy-to-use silent countdown timer that can be adjusted for use on any standardized test.

High quality digital watch made by Casio™

The Silent StopWatch is a modified version of a reliable, high quality, easy-to-use Casio™ watch. Silent StopWatch offers a warranty mirroring that offered by Casio (visit this page for details). 

Precision modified to eliminate all beeping noises

The SilentStopWatch is precision modified to eliminate all audible sounds, while leaving all other features fully intact. There are absolutely no sounds associated with the watch: no beeps or clicks of any kind. The countdown timer is easy to use, requiring just a few seconds to set. Because the SilentStopWatch is based on a fully functional Casio™ digital watch, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including as a standard wrist watch.

Simple and adaptable countdown timer

Many silent countdown timers are designed specifically for use on one type of standardized test, meaning that students cannot use their watch for multiple different exams. Instead, the SilentStopWatch provides significant flexibility for a wide variety of testing environments. Whether a particular test section is 25 minutes or 45 minutes or 90 minutes, the start time can be specified easily with just the touch of a few buttons on the watch, with no complicated menus and no extra distractions. Simply enter the number of minutes available and press start, and a glance at the watch will indicate the time remaining to complete the test.

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The Silent StopWatch will be shipped first class via the United States Postal Service for free anywhere in the United States. If you need to receive your watch more quickly, we also offer a flat rate cost option that includes 2-day or overnight shipping to the lower 48 states. On days close to national exams, we can usually ship same day until early afternoon but please call if you need same day shipping.

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