Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Silent StopWatch?

The Silent StopWatch is a standard black digital Casio™ watch that has been modified to remove all audible sounds, including beeping and clicking. All of the original features of the watch are kept intact.

What features are included in a Silent StopWatch?

Our watches are a modified version of a standard Casio digital watch, and have all of the original features intact. They include a standard date and time setting, countdown timer setting, darkness illumination, and dual time mode.   

When is the best time to buy a Silent StopWatch?

As soon as possible! If your test is just a few days away, no problem. The SilentStopWatch is easy to use and ready to go as soon as it gets to you. But if you have the time, it is helpful to complete a few practice tests in advance using the SilentStopWatch to help with your pacing. By helping you evaluate your natural testing rhythm and adjust as necessary, the SilentStopWatch will help you learn to complete each section most effectively to maximize your score. Most testing guides and tutors suggest that test pacing is a key element of success. The SilentStopWatch can play an important role in helping you make the most of the time you have available.

Which standardized tests permit the use of the Silent Stopwatch at the testing center?

A wide variety of standardized tests allow the use of digital watches, including the SAT and the SAT subject tests, the PSAT, the AP and the ACT. Please be sure to check with your specific testing organization to verify that digital watches are allowed. Please note that the SSAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT tests specifically prohibit all digital watches.

How does the Silent StopWatch compare to other watches?

The SilentStopWatch is a simple digital watch. Unlike other companies that design watches with preset timers for specific tests, the countdown timer can be set to any time, making it adjustable for a variety of different tests with different timing requirements. This means that a student who initially purchases the Silent StopWatch for use on the SAT can also decide to use it for the ACT, as well as on their AP exams. In addition, the SilentStopWatch is uniquely suited for use by students who have been granted accommodations such as extra time to complete each section.

There is no need to scroll through complicated menus which could otherwise distract students right before the test. The SilentStopWatch offers a single screen with an easy-to-read display of the time remaining to complete the test. In addition, the SilentStopWatch functions as a reliable digital wrist watch when not needed as a countdown timer for testing.

How soon can I get a Silent Stopwatch?

The SilentStopWatch price of $39.99 includes first class shipping via the US Postal Service anywhere in the United States. If you need the watch more quickly, please choose our 2-day or overnight shipping options. The flat rate options for 2-day and overnight shipping are for the contiguous United States only. Please contact us for shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska. Your watch ships same business day (Saturdays excluded) if ordered by 10am EST. On days close to national exams, we can usually ship same day until early afternoon but please call if you need same day shipping.

Do you offer a warranty or satisfaction guarantee?

The Silent StopWatch is under warranty for one year from date of purchase for all defects. This warranty mirrors the original factory warranty, and will be invalidated due to signs of abuse or tampering, including signs of water infiltration. Under the terms of our warranty, the watch will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of, but the customer is responsible for shipping the watch for repair or replacement. If you are simply unhappy with the Silent StopWatch, please return it within 7 days of receipt. You pay return shipping costs, and a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the amount returned to you (based on the free USPS shipping price).

Have other questions?

We can answer them! Send an email using this form or give us a call at 781-309-STOP (7867).